Daniel Villa is an artist living in Stockton, California, specializing in printmaking and painting. As an oil painter, Daniel follows traditional techniques -- utilizing them in ways that depict subjects he meets with a modern original style. His aim in portraiture is to create a painting that will reflect the subject’s likeness as well as containing the essence which makes each person unique. Daniel is also a relief printmaker; he began practicing the discipline in late 2019 and over the course of the quarantine period initiated by COVID-19,  he dove deeper into the medium. Linoleum and woodcut printmaking constitute the two main techniques he employs. Daniel carves, rubs and pulls all his prints by hand without the use of a press.  

Since 2019, Daniel has been a member of Art Expressions of San Joaquin, an artist cooperative committed to charitable endeavors, community education and promotions of the arts. He is also a contributing member of The Unknowns Art Collective which focuses on providing underrepresented and underground artists a platform for their work.

Daniel considers himself a perpetual art student who is rooted in the idea that “you can learn something new every day.” In 2020 he began studying Classical Drawing and Painting at the Sadie Valeri Atelier of San Francisco, California. He intends to incorporate the draftsmanship of classical drawing into his painting and printmaking. 

Daniel Villa

Self-taught printmaker & painter

Born in Mexico in 1991

Español & English 

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