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The Inkplate’s New Home

As you probably know, I have been running a quarterly newsletter on ‘Mailchimp’ for a few months. However, this is the last piece that I will write and send through this platform. Starting April 11th, 2022, ‘The Inkplate’ will have a new home called ‘Beehhiiv.’

This change won’t change your experience but it absolutely will for me.

‘Mailchimp’ was a great place to start and get my feet wet in the newsletter world. Since launch, I have received a lot of feedback and questions that made me realize that some of you wanted a little more than just a quarterly email with a coupon code slapped at the end.

I personally consume a lot of newsletters and read a lot. Since I started printmaking, I have been actively looking for one a newsletter made specifically for printmakers. After scouring Substacks and Twitter, I couldn’t find one, so I decided it was time to write my own.

When I mentioned on Instagram that I would be writing an email regarding my experiences as an artist hiring social media gurus, my subscriber base grew by 56%. Given that sudden growth, I realized that this idea was viable and I needed to decide where to grow roots for the long term.

After some research and continued frustration with ‘Mailchimp,’

‘Beehiiv’ won me over.

I personally subscribe to a lot of ‘Beehiiv’ newsletters, so naturally I started here. Then considering that the platform was spearheaded by Tyler Denk, who was Senior Product Lead at Morning Brew, I was sold!

On top of that, the support and tools available at ‘Beehiiv’ would be beneficial to me as the newsletter continues to grow an audience. It truly embodies the ethos of a newsletter platform built by newsletter people and creators.

Some Housekeeping:

While the ‘Beehiiv’ move will not affect your experience with this newsletter, there are a few things to be aware of.

  • This is the email that will delivery your newsletter:


  • I already moved all of your emails over to ‘Beehiiv,’ and my next post will come from there.

  • Your email server wants to filter out spam and it may think that the newsletter is junk. If you receive the welcome email in your spam folder, please move it to your primary inbox

  • By replying to the welcome email, it will also tell your email server to "trust" ‘Behiiv.’

  • Previous blog content has been uploaded to ‘Beehiiv’ so that it doesn't disappear for ever.

That’s it folks! Keep an eye for the next post and please help me out by sharing the word. I am so stoked for this move and I can't wait to see where things go!

As we say my native Mexico: FIERRO!


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