Dylan Goldberger

This week we talked to Dylan Goldber, you may have come across one of his playful compositions displaying dogs, or his colorful skateboard designs. Dylan shares with us his approach to composition and much more!

Daniel: What techniques or mediums do you work in?

Dylan: My two main printmaking mediums are relief (usually lino or MDF blocks) and silkscreen. Over the past couple of years I developed a digital drawing style to mimic my same woodcut look that I will use to create layers for screen printing too. Because I don't have access to a large press, any block bigger than 11" x 17", I hand rub to get a good proof print and then screen print the final edition.

Daniel: How long have you been printmaking/screen printing for?

Dylan: I discovered printmaking around 2010 and have been doing it ever since. I worked as an artist assistant to Dennis McNett for many years and he really was the one that introduced me and taught me how to do it.

Daniel: Your work is fun, and instantly approachable with a wide array of pets. What is your approach to developing a composition/design?

Dylan: For sketching out any big scene with multiple characters, the hardest part is always the initial sketch. I start by drawing a million scribbles in a sketchbook trying to nail down an appealing composition and character placement. I use TONS and TONS of reference photos in big scenes to get all the poses and details. Once I figure that out I try to draw out the background and characters all separate and then composite them in photoshop, keeping everything on separate layers so it's easy to move things around. Then I'll print out this new sketch composite at about 10% opacity and make the final drawing right over the top. This is the drawing I will usually reference when doing the carving.

Daniel: What is a studio hack you cant work without?

Dylan: Acetone transferring a laser printout of my sketch to the carving block.

Daniel: Do you have a a favorite tool? If so what is it?

Dylan: I do most of my carving line work with a Power Grip V gouge. They last a surprisingly long time just by running them over the Flexcut Slipstrop every now and then while carving.

Daniel: What advice would you give someone just getting started in printmaking/screen printing?

Dylan: Consistency and working hard go a long way so just keep making stuff! Try to find an internship or apprenticeship at a printshop or with an artist. Don't be afraid to reach out to people and ask questions!

Daniel: Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Dylan! You can collect Dylan's work here.

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